Creepy Little Legs is currently undergoing some re-construction. New music available soon by original members Jipsy and Idegad!

Creepy Little Legs Update

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while. We’ve been keeping busy learning new songs in preparation for the finalization of our latest album. It’s been a while since we’ve done a show but that’s ok. We’re not really looking to do any just yet. I doubt that we could anyway seeing as our amp chords and drumsticks are all busted. lol. Donations accepted. :P

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We are sad to announce that we have canceled our set with The O’Mulligans and Buffalo Buffalo on Oct. 24th @ The Naked Lounge due to a family emergency. We do however encourage all our fans and friends to attend anyway as it will be a sick ass performance. We are very sad that we cannot attend.

Ghost of Maidens Peak  by us, CLL @ Shenanigans for Rock The Dub.

Oct. 24th! We’ll be at The Naked Lounge. Join us for some spooky costumes and great music!


@ Last nights show.

@ Last nights show.